Brazil’s leftists calls for Bolsonaro’s impeachment over a tweet

Brazil's leftists calls for Bolsonaro's impeachment over a tweet

The far-left ridiculousness isn’t an exclusivity of the United States. In Brazil, digital influencers – yes, that’s a thing – are arguing that sharing a video with explicit scenes is enough for an impeachment.

Brazil has just gone through Carnival: a beautiful party full of samba, frevo and axé that goes from Friday to Wednesday – the Ash Wednesday – and the whole country is immersed in it.

At least that’s what we try to show the world. In reality, even though Carnival has its good things like families reuniting to have fun for a few days, it’s also made of drugs and the traffickers money, violence, drunk people and promiscuity.

Carnival – Carnaval, in portuguese – means festa da carne, or the party of the flesh. It’s not like Brazilians are coming out and saying that the human nature is so important that it needs to be celebrated – what they’re actually saying is that during those five days you can do anything you feel like doing. From using drugs to having sex on the street and letting someone else pee on you. It was literally created for people to be able to do all kinds of dirty stuff before they have to fast during lent.

And by drugs I don’t mean that people buy weed and get high with their friends. They have 360 days to do that, they wouldn’t spend their money on something like that during the party of the flesh. Carnival is about doing things you can’t do during the rest of the year. That’s why they go for heavier stuff like loló – or lança-perfume -, an ethyl based drug that’s sold on the streets for R$ 3 – less than a dollar.

As if that’s not enough, the sex on the street part is also real. We’re not talking about people finding a hidden spot to have sex with someone they just met. No. It’s about something explicit, even if in front of children. That’s how promiscuous Carnival’s gotten. And why is that such a problem now? Because Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s president, has just exposed it to the world – and the far-left didn’t like it.

“We have to show the truth”, said the president in a tweet. “That’s what most of the Carnival parades have become”, he added in the same tweet. The post contains a video of two men doing naughty – and that’s the best word I could find – stuff in front of a crowd of foliões. From a man fingering himself to a golden shower exhibition, the men act as if it were normal.

All of a sudden, Brazilian leftists started to call for his impeachment, arguing that a president shouldn’t behave like that and share a video with such an explicit content in a place where children could see it, just like the far-left members of the Democratic party did with Trump after he retweeted a few videos showing how some Muslims acted in real life.

The same leftists, who supported the Macaquinhos play, an exhibit where people play with each other’s… well, check it out yourself and a play where children could touch a naked adult, are the ones claiming some kind of abusive behavior by Jair Bolsonaro for exposing how dirty Carnival actually is. That’s it. They’re not talking about how dirty the men in the video are, instead they’re saying that the president shouldn’t have shared it.

Instead of addressing the real problem, the promiscuity, they’re flooding Twitter’s trending topics with jokes about golden shower and some ridiculous hashtags asking for the president to be impeached. Somehow, the supporters of a former president who’s in jail are now acting as if they’re the bastions of the moral, ethics and truth. That’s how dirty and immoral the leftists are.

Bolsonaro may not be the Trump of the tropics, but the Brazilian left surely is just as ridiculous as the Democratic Party and its members.


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