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Thank You, Israel. Brazil Will Never Forget

Thank You Israel Brazil Will Never Forget.

The Brumadinho tragedy proved that the partnership between Brazil and Israel is indeed healthy and not based only in the economic aspect.

Brazil has recently gone through a rough tragedy: a dam collapsed in the city of Brumadinho, Minas Gerais, killing over 100 people and leaving 238 missing. Some people say that it was an accident waiting to happen, since a dam belonging to another mining company, called Samarco, broke about 3 years ago in the city of Mariana, also in the state of Minas Gerais.

In Mariana, the environmental damage was much bigger and much less people, 19, were killed in the disaster. Unfortunately, the people of Brumadinho didn’t have the same luck. The collapse happened during the employers’ lunch break, and the company’s restaurant for them was just below the dam. Also, the alarms didn’t go off because the mud rapidly hit them, making it impossible for the people down in the city to look for a safe place.

The number of deaths started to rise fast. Even though the fire department acted quickly, there were too many people missing and not enough men to look for all of them, and that’s when the healthy partnership between Brazil and Israel started to prove it’s value.

On Saturday, the day after the disaster, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, offered aid and announced that he was sending a rescue team within 24 hours to help with the search. According to the Times of Israel, Israel usually does offer help to friendly and hostile countries, but that was “the first-ever aid delegation [sent] to Brazil”.

Netanyahu and Jair Bolsonaro talked on phone, and the president of Brazil said that the israeli PM offered almost 140 troops and 16 tons of equipment to help on the search for the missing people.

After talking with the Prime Minister of Israel, @netanyahu, humanitarian and professional resources will arrive today, 27, in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. There are 140 people and 16 tons of equipment to help on the search for the missing people in Brumadinho.

Unfortunately, the israeli troops weren’t able to find any survivors under the mud from the dam, but Bolsonaro didn’t take their help and effort for granted and thanked the team and Netanyahu for sending them.

The brave israeli team, sent by the Prime Minister @netanyahu, is finishing their mission in Brazil today. In the name of the Brazilian people, I would like to thank the State of Israel for the help in the search in Brumadinho, along with our Army and firefighters.


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